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Pollinators are all around us: birds, bats, butterflies, moths, flies, beetles, wasps, small mammals, and bees are pollinators. They visit flowers to drink nectar or feed off of pollen and transport pollen grains as they move from spot to spot. One out of every three bites of food you eat is there because of pollinators. (Wikipedia)

At Pollinator Design Justice Collective, these core values of sharing and interdependence are front and center.

Hi, my name is Tan. I’m currently building community in my city of Philadelphia. I find inspiration from the principles put forth by the Design Justice Network. I envision an intentional community of design, marketing and tech professionals, committed to rethinking and re-imagining societal and economic structures to elevate BIPOC, immigrant, and queer-owned businesses to design a more just world. Our initial focus will center citizens working in the food industry by creating a virtual food hall in Philadelphia, PA, but I hope we pollinate and plant many seeds beyond.

In “Mapping Our Social Change Roles in Times of Crisis,” Deepa Iyer speaks of how “many of us play different roles in pursuit of equity, liberation, inclusion, and justice” and has a wonderful model of a social change ecosystem that I find helpful as a way to find my place: as a builder and visionary, as well as bridge builder. I would love to know who you are and how you want to use your social change superpowers to contribute.

Mapping My Role in the Social Change Ecosystem by Deepa Iyer

As a collective, we will seek to pool our diverse superpowers and tools to help elevate voices often marginalized.  I (and hopefully soon, We) am looking for changemakers from Philadelphia and beyond, who want to get in on the conversation to help Philadelphian BIPOC, immigrant and queer-owned businesses thrive.

Onward and Upward Together,

Tan Nguyen
Hyphenate LLC, A Creative Agency for Good
a founding member of Pollinator Design Collective

*You can find the map, roles, and reflection guide for the soical change ecosystem here.

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